Alexandra Spalato

Hello, I am Alexandra, welcome to my site!

I am a web developer and entrepreneur living in the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, with Darko.S, my life partner for 18 years now, a talented painter and musician…and my best advisor and supporter ♥️.

Born and raised in France, I graduated pharmacy and business, dreamed of a career in acting but instead cast others, had stints in PR and investment until one day I decided to leave it all and dive into web development.

That was the best decision of my life!

Like many others, I started building websites using WordPress. It took me hard work and dedication to build up my knowledge and expertise but my passion for web development kept growing too. Eventually, I joined the Codeable team of WordPress experts and was given the opportunity to help many clients around the world, building their online presence through high-quality custom theme development.

I have always been concerned by the performances my websites would deliver which is why I took a keen interest in the solutions offered by using JAMstack as a way of building sites and apps.

I have become, since then, an advocate of this modern web architecture which I believe is the future of web development. I am also involved in building bridges between the WP ecosystem and the JAMstack and have been a speaker at events such as Gatsby days London, javascriptForWp conf, and have co-funded GatsbyWPThemes.

Why Jamstack ?


When setting up a Jamstack flow ,your website will generate pages at deploy time because the files are pre-built and served over a CDN instead of being delivered from servers.Not having to run a multitude of queries from the database is what makes JAMstack so fast .


Page load time has become central for on-site engagement and more overall ,better perfomances results in better ranking and more organic search,thus more chances to generate income.


The architecture of a Jamstack setup decouples front-end and CMS ,because all server-side actions are being run by API’s .
The user is served static HTML pages ensuring they are secure and thus
tremendously diminishing potentiality for attacks.


Static content is served in a CDN ,making it
automatically easier to scale.



– Ported the 800 posts Musictech blog on WordPress to Gatsbyjs frontend
– Worked on the new design based on their new branding

Visit Site


– sales site for Gatsby Wp Themes!
– all themes demo available there


– WordPress Custom theme development
– GSAP Animation
– ACF Custom Builder


– Design and development with Gastbyjs
– WordPress back-office
– Animation with Greensock and framer motion


– Design and front-end development with Nextjs
– Styling with Tailwindcss

Frontity Starter Theme

– Theme from Frontity
– View on Github

What People Say

We've done several projects with Alexandra and she's delivered on every one. She's a great to work with, really cares about the final outcome, and does her best to push the boundaries of new tech so the final product is cutting edge. She's our go to resource and I almost hope you don't use her so she doesn't get too busy for us! Otherwise I can't recommend her enough
Borzou Azabdaftari -CEO Falcon Lab
Alexandra was easy to work with, displayed extensive WordPress knowledge, suggested technical approaches we hadn't thought of and delivered high quality code. Look forward to working with her again!
Mark Harvie-Watt - CEO Supadu
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